Digital marketing is considered to be a must-have business tool because of its countless possibilities. Even though it is hard to find a business organization that doesn’t use it, the results aren’t always the same. It all depends on the skills and knowledge of the person responsible for digital marketing strategy and its execution. Digital marketing knowledge is considered to be a precious business tool in every business area.

In order to teach students from Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin to start and manage digital marketing campaigns, we are organizing a workshop

which will be held at Technology Innovation Centre Medimurje Ltd
on Monday, 7th March 2022, at 9.30 a.m.


The workshop will be led by Dino Oreški, the director of Digital Marketing Strategic Development at Pro Media Group, consultant in Upping agency, and co-founder and consultant at the Association eCommerce Croatia, digital marketing master, with a long list of successful projects in his references. Jelena Brekalo, Performance Marketing Manager in Pro Media Group, will be joining him. She will share the story about her successful career development.




Dino Oreški started his career in Neckerman in 1996. This was his first job after graduation. He was in charge of the transfer of the company’s sales catalogue into webshop. After Neckermann, he started working for Quelle, the biggest webshop in Croatia at the time. His job was to lead the e-commerce department, with a whole team under his leadership. His next job was working for KG MEDIA, a digital marketing agency specializing in promoting the Croatian touristic offer. He was in charge of online promotional campaigns, based on online booking, for all the leading hotel houses and travel agencies.  He joined Inventa next, as the web&commerce manager. The job included managing webshop projects. After that, he returned to tourism, working for Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, completely in charge of the digital marketing activities. After four years there, he left to work in the IT sector for SPAN.  There he built the Digital Marketing department from scratch. Today he is in charge of digital marketing strategy development in the Pro Media Group and is a consultant in Upping agency. He is also a co-founder and consultant in the Association eCommerce Croatia. He loves challenges and believes there is a solution for every problem. He successfully moves the boundaries in the area of digital marketing, combining technology and marketing. He finds inspiration in reading books, blogs and articles.



Jelena has a master’s degree in Economics and has always had an interest in digital marketing. She started her career in Pro Media Group, as an intern in the Analytics department. Later she joined the performance team, as a Junior Performance Marketing Specialist. With time, she became a full team member. These days she spends a lot of her time teaching younger team members. She mostly works on Facebook and Google advertising. In her free time, she participates in many educational and humanitarian activities as a member of the Rotaract Club Zagreb. She also loves taking part in pub quizzes, listening to music, going out and hanging with her friends.




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