Twenty students from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb (FOI) and Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec (MEV) attended the workshop A day in the world of digital marketing agencies, held in TICM by Dino Oreški and Jelena Brekalo from Pro media group.

This was the third in a row, and the last workshop organized in the scope of the project Intensive Courses for Higher Education Students (IC4HEDS), aimed to strengthen students’ capacity and skills so they could better cope in the labour market. Students had the chance to learn about digital marketing from digital marketing experts. Also, they could get professional advice, for example where and how to look for a job,  how to decide in which field to work in, etc.

The workshop included a wide range of topics, from digital marketing strategy development to creating and leading digital marketing campaigns on Google, Youtube and other social networks, using tools for media planning, a campaign setting and optimization, etc. Students learned about the whole process of running a campaign, from the first meeting with clients to launching the campaign and then managing it.

Students have been able to hear some of the digital marketing golden rules, like the Pareto rule, used in many different fields of expertise, in digital marketing it indicates that “80% of online purchase is made by 20% of all the shoppers”. This rule can especially come in handy when the digital marketing team is deciding about allocating the advertising budget, so the advertising is focused the top 20% customers. The ROPO effect (Research Online Purchase Offline) describes the customer’s habit to research the products online before making a purchase offline. Brand safety is becoming more and more important, if they want to do a good job, digital marketing experts have to make sure that the brand’s name is not mentioned in negative context or placed next to inapproriate content.


Besides digital marketing lessons from experts, students also received some advice that will be helpful for their professional development. The workshop was held by  Dino Oreški, with many years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce and an impressive list of references in his CV, and Jelena Brekalo, who went from being an intern to managing her own campaigns very fast. Students received them well, asked them questions throughout the workshop and were actively included in the discussion.

Judging by the feedback  received, students have been very satisfied with the topic and the concept of the workshop and they would like to participate in more similar workshops.


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